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Leopard installation complete!

  Continuing the Saga of Upgrading to Leopard…I was told I would be phoned at 11:00 A.M. this morning. At 11:55, my office phone rang: it was Apple Product Support (Dean). He uncovered a few more possibilities for us to try. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We were getting nowhere or so it seemed. Actually, he was eliminating alternatives. By 1:15 P.M. we had swapped the keyboard, the mouse, and the monitor (there was a Unix IOUSBFamily error causing the infinite scroll I mentioned yesterday. Somehow, swapping these components discontinued the error scroll and enabled us to work in the kernel (at least that’s where I believe we were). Had it not been for the time I have spent in DOS, I would have been hopelessly terrified: typing cryptic code wouldn’t have been the Apple of my eye; however, I was comfortable and we went to work.

The upgrade is complete. At least the Mac works again. However… Continue reading

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Leopard installation more like a dog…

As you may recall from my previous post last evening, the Product Specialist and I were still working toward a solution. I was “on hold” so I wrote the beginning of this saga. To continue, we completed our conversation at 6:30 (that’s after 3 ½ hours on the phone to Apple). My G4 is not running (it’s not even walking!). I am expecting a call this morning at 11 A.M. from Apple Support to continue troubleshooting. While I am less than satisfied with the upgrade process, I am extremely impressed with the overall professionalism of the Apple Support people with whom I dealt. They were courteous, patient, and spoke to me as a knowledgeable adult: never condescending or “short” with me.

Status: Product Specialist must consult with a Product Engineer (all of whom already left for the day, yesterday) because we’re experiencing “unfamiliar” conflicts rendering the installation unworkable. Damn.

Important note: Continue reading

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Mac OS X.5 (Leopard)…can’t get there from here…

Re: Mac OS X.5 (Leopard) my enthusiasm wanes… I started the installation at 12:21 this afternoon. Kept a step-by-step log (that I’ll make available later for the masochists among you). It is now 5:22P.M. and I am on “hold” with Apple (2 hours and 15 minutes so far.) (Had a customer service rep on the phone for awhile, however, an hour into THAT conversation he decided he needed to transfer me to a “Product Specialist” because there are some “known bugs” upgrading from Mac OS X.2.8 and earlier…which is exactly what I have – OS X 2.8. I never upgraded to Tiger; hence – I’m stuck in the middle and they can’t seem to get me out.) Continue reading

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I’m learning to juggle!

Well, I already know how to juggle. I’ve eight balls in the air (workplace analysis, research skills assessment, leadership interviews, lit review, blog, web presence, wife, & work  ) and I’m about to add a ninth (buying Mac OS X.5 [aka Leopard] this afternoon). It offers many features that are designed to work with my iPhone (HCI topic option) AND, I suspect that it offers a glimpse of where Apple is headed. Can you imagine an iPhone/iTouch interface on an iMac? (iCan!). 

Will report back soon on the OS update!

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Adobe Connect Academic User’s Group

Exciting, interesting and oddly spooky… while researching (google-ing) installation problems between PowerPoint 2007 and Adobe’s Presenter (an add-in that enables ppt files to be used in broadcast/rebroadcast on Adobe Connect (formerly Marcromedia Breeze and competitor with WebEx), I discover Adobe Connect Academic User Group (ACAUG). This is SO new Continue reading

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Thought about Blog Research

It’s a little bit funny (now I’ll have THAT tune in my head all evening!), as I research educational blogs, e-learning blogs, corporate training blogs,  to add to my blogroll (blog worthy-of-link), I am surprised at the number with most recent post dates months ago – some even last year or later. There’s another research topic there: contemporary topic web sites that seemingly have their authors evaporate. If contemporary, wouldn’t the author be “on spot” and relevant? (hmmm, how frequent will MY updates be?).

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Second Life, Second Class?

In this morning’s issue of The Wall Street Journal, Marketplace section, Media & Marketing page “Marketers Explore New Virtual Worlds” Emily Steel writes “A year ago, on-line virtual world Second Life was being hailed as the next big phenomenon.” and Ruben Steiger, CEO of Millions of Us, a company that builds marketing campaigns in virtual worlds says “This is now a category rather than a single phenomenon…we’ve moved beyond Second Life.”

The article notes the failed marketing efforts to draw traffic to Second Life citing Media Metrix’s figures of only 235,000 unique visitors last month compared to 4.4 million registering at zwinktopia and six million at webkniz.

Apparently, the required download and difficult navigation “were off-putting.” And “I’m like most people with Second Life. I became a member to check it out and never went back,” says Eric Hirshberg, chief creative officer of Interpublic Group’s Deutsch LA

The article closes with a quote from Jonathan Nelson, special advisor to Omnicom CEO John Wren “People have been ignoring the fact that there are 12 other virtual worlds out there that have hundreds of thousands of visitors.” (see list at end of post)

Included in the article is a chart displaying in millions the total U.S. visitors to these sites during September 2007 and the percentage increase from the previous year. I’ll post it here as soon as I figure out how!

(webkinz.com; clubpenguin.com; zwinky.com; neopets.com; millsberry.com; IMVU.com; barbiegirls.com; gaiaonline.com; habbo.com; redlightcenter.com; kaneva.com; secondlife.com)

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Novelty Gadget

Roomba: the robot vacuum that really sucks, really!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I am Ed Tech (aka RichardO) and I am here to help keep you up-to-date with thoroughly and thoughtfully (subjectively) evaluated products in the realm of technology. Chips to interfaces, services and service (or lack there of) providers, my mission in this life (albeit similar to that in SecondLife), is to seek out the newest, research its every aspect and alternatively researched aspects, and report the findings back to you – here on this site!

The opinions published on this page are strictly that: opinions. Formal research may take place and when so, will be reported as so; meantime trust that all you read is hearsay, rumor and, in many instances, direct report from me and my peeps.

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