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Leopard installation complete!

  Continuing the Saga of Upgrading to Leopard…I was told I would be phoned at 11:00 A.M. this morning. At 11:55, my office phone rang: it was Apple Product Support (Dean). He uncovered a few more possibilities for us to try. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We were getting nowhere or so it seemed. Actually, he was eliminating alternatives. By 1:15 P.M. we had swapped the keyboard, the mouse, and the monitor (there was a Unix IOUSBFamily error causing the infinite scroll I mentioned yesterday. Somehow, swapping these components discontinued the error scroll and enabled us to work in the kernel (at least that’s where I believe we were). Had it not been for the time I have spent in DOS, I would have been hopelessly terrified: typing cryptic code wouldn’t have been the Apple of my eye; however, I was comfortable and we went to work.

The upgrade is complete. At least the Mac works again. However… I see none of the new graphics that I see when I look at the Leopard screens at the Apple Store. What’s up with that? Dean said that, because it was an upgrade, the system retained my previous settings and that “all” I need to do is use “System Preferences” and set my desktop, dock, and whatever other settings whatever way I want them.

Great. I anticipated installing, restarting and “being in” Leopard: not gonna’ happen.

Odd, when I upgraded from Windows XP to Vista, I was launched into the *New* interface automatically. Hmmm…

Next blog, I’ll report about my user experiences with Leopard (now that I have it installed and my Mac back in operation).

One final note: congratulations and much gratitude to the Apple Support folks. It took time and energy (and not a small amount of product knowledge) to solve this upgrade problem. Frustrating, yes – and now satisfying, too!  Thanks guys!

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