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Leopard installation more like a dog…

As you may recall from my previous post last evening, the Product Specialist and I were still working toward a solution. I was “on hold” so I wrote the beginning of this saga. To continue, we completed our conversation at 6:30 (that’s after 3 ½ hours on the phone to Apple). My G4 is not running (it’s not even walking!). I am expecting a call this morning at 11 A.M. from Apple Support to continue troubleshooting. While I am less than satisfied with the upgrade process, I am extremely impressed with the overall professionalism of the Apple Support people with whom I dealt. They were courteous, patient, and spoke to me as a knowledgeable adult: never condescending or “short” with me.

Status: Product Specialist must consult with a Product Engineer (all of whom already left for the day, yesterday) because we’re experiencing “unfamiliar” conflicts rendering the installation unworkable. Damn.

Important note: Apple knew the installation, in general, would fail on my machine: it’s a 2nd generation desktop G4 and it’s OS at the time I purchased it was 10.2.8.  I have an email from the original Customer Support person with whom I spoke. It’s a troubleshooting memo titled: Mac OS X 10.5: Unable to log in…after upgrade install.” and it reads, in part:

“You may not be able to log in with a user account … that … was originally created in Mac OS X 10.2.8 or earlier…”

I believe THAT bit of information would have been nice to know PRIOR to beginning the installation. Also, it would be nice to know that, if I nonetheless choose to upgrade, it will take me more than four hours and a base knowledge of Unix (because, with Apple Support help, I would be working deep inside the OS).

To be continued…

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