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Mac OS X.5 (Leopard)…can’t get there from here…

Re: Mac OS X.5 (Leopard) my enthusiasm wanes… I started the installation at 12:21 this afternoon. Kept a step-by-step log (that I’ll make available later for the masochists among you). It is now 5:22P.M. and I am on “hold” with Apple (2 hours and 15 minutes so far.) (Had a customer service rep on the phone for awhile, however, an hour into THAT conversation he decided he needed to transfer me to a “Product Specialist” because there are some “known bugs” upgrading from Mac OS X.2.8 and earlier…which is exactly what I have – OS X 2.8. I never upgraded to Tiger; hence – I’m stuck in the middle and they can’t seem to get me out.)


My Mac G4 is locked up. The password does NOT carry forward so I need to work in something that looks like DOS. Then, there’s some USBFamily device that’s “not able to enumerate…” and “will keep on trying…”.  That creates a progression of code that prevents me from typing the necessary programming code to reset password.


So Mac OS X.5 is caught in a infinite loop… I am watching scroll (white text on black screen) and I am unable to do anything with my Mac. (I think Apple will refund me $129.00 and I’ll go buy an iMac to continue with my project assignment [IF my wife agrees]). Meantime, what can I do with a Mac that won’t boot and won’t allow code-based intervention?




5:25 “Dean” (Product Specialist) … resume previous efforts to no avail. He placed me on hold @ 5:38…and the infinite loop continues to scroll…


more to come…

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