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Another *new* social networking site!

Another *new* social networking site: http://www.flock.com

This one collects your “favorites” (favorite sites, favorite feeds

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, and favorite media) all on the Home page. Its clean and attractive interface makes working with it straightforward. I will be exploring it in detail over the coming days and will report back. In the meantime, give it a try yourself!

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New “twist” for Second Life…

Move your body in RL and you move your body in SL: now THAT’S a new twist. Check this out: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21917042/ 

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Just for grins…

Doubtlessly the bird with the best sense of rhythm on the planet!



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AT&T Customer Service: NOT!

OK, I admit it. This is not so much about *new* technology. It’s about *old* technology in a company (AT&T) that’s trying to convince telephone users that it IS *new* technology. Bologna! Continue reading

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Back in the saddle…

OK, so Cadre Xiii has met in Beantown and now we’re onto semester finals (papers). While I have some time on my hands, I’ll continue with the saga of the upgrade which Sean, so aptly noted, “…upgrade, upgrade hardware, upgrade, upgrades nearly impossible so shop for a new computer, repeat.” And, to his point, I have added to my Christmas list an Apple iMac: 24″ 2.8 Mhz w/ Leopard and iLife already installed. Easiest way to “upgrade” is to buy the new machine. The one I am (was) upgrading is a five year old G4. hmmm, perhaps a “barely used” computer sale in the near future. Any interest?

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Time Out!

Just a quick note to inform that I’ll be away from this blog for a few days (maybe and maybe not). The Cadre’s meeting in HA-VAhrd and MIT this week. I am uncertain how much time I’ll have to devote to this Mac/interface thread. HOWEVER… since I will be in one of THE hottest *new* technology developments areas of the WORLD, who knows what I will find to write about!!? 

Be back soon!

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And the saga continues…

Apparently, all the work in Unix has had some unexpected and unwanted consequences. My “keychain” is broken. Now, I am unable to do and see activities and files I could previously. It is as if I am a guest on my own computer (a stranger in my own land). So, now I’ll spend a bit of time trying to reset whatever to get my identity back.

BTW: I purchased iLife 08 for this technology review and, very similar to Apple’s gaff of NOT announcing version installation “challenges,” they neglected also to tell me that my G4 doesn’t have the horsepower to run iMovie 08. Wouldn’t that seem an obvious piece of information to share with customers (or potential customers)? On one hand, it was “only” $80.00, yet there is the principle of the matter.

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