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(my) iPhone revisited:

Apologies for being away so long: I needed the rest! I trust you are each planning to make the most of 2008. I know I certainly am – my wife told me so and she read all about it at some astrology site. I am born under the sign of Capricorn and this is reportedly a once-in-a-lifetime year. XLNT!!

Now, about my iPhone: I’ve had it for nearly three months and have used (successfully) most of the buttons: Phone, Camera (and Photos), Calendar, Stocks, Weather, Settings, Mail, and the iPod.

As I sit here, I am wondering what all these buttons really do for me as well as the ones I have not yet used (SMS, YouTube, Maps, Clock, Calculator, Notes, nor Safari)?!

Each is slick, I know. I just don’t text. I “IM” a few friends, university colleagues, and my wife however, altogether that accounts for less than 1% of the device’s use.

The Calendar synchronizes with my desktop nicely. That’s convenient; hmmm, let me think… that amounts to about 1% of its use. Photos and Camera: nice, however, I would really like to be able to zoom in (or out) and grab an occasional video. Have not touched YouTube (come to think about it, I don’t much on my computer either).Stocks? I don’t have enough to track (note to self: find ways to NEED to use Stocks!).Maps I should use: I am easily lost however those navigation devices available were modeled after my wife! She has an amazing sense of our whereabouts even in foreign locales and I am seldom traveling without her! Weather? I read it in the newspaper and listen to it on the radio: why would I want to check it on my phone? Clock; hmmm, I wear a watch. OH! I do, albeit seldom, need to make calls to Europe so it’s good to know whether or not I’ll be waking someone up. Calculator: nope. I’m very good at math and haven’t needed it thus far. Settings – ah yes! Used them once to, well, set up the iPhone. iTunes – nope.Mail: I have used it – twice; Safari – once to “test” it (which is different from using it!) and iPod – once while waiting in the Southwest A-line to board a flight (I had an hour or so to wait so I used the time to test the feature.Hmmm, I suppose I could say that they all work as advertized. I just haven’t needed to use much of the features. Perhaps Apple is learning from Microsoft: stack the (application) with far more features than most people will ever use. That way, they’re always getting more than they need and won’t mind paying for it (as much).

AH! There is one button I use 100% of the time: Switch to Unlock.

All in all, it’s an attention getter and now that I have a found and purchased a device that plugs into my car cigarette lighter, securely clasps onto the iPhone and enables BlueTooth transmission to the radio, I can listen to my iPhone iPod while commuting. So, it’s beginning to recover some of its expense to me.

January 2, 2008 - Posted by | gadgets, iPhone, Technology

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  1. Oh Richard, how can you ignore the “world in the pocket” feature of the iphone. I feel so powerful knowing that I can find the answer to any “known information question.” Now if I could just figure out why my macbook runs so slow, I would be happy.

    Comment by Margaret | March 1, 2008

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