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Sony Sound (Watch out, Bose!)

sony-handheld.jpg  My wife and I were walking through the mall recently and stopped in a Sharper Image store. Looking around at all the “toys”, I spied the smallest speakers I have ever seen: they were nearly one inch square on the face and cone-like in the back.

sony-mini-speakers.jpg  They were barely audible so, I approached and looked for a volume control. Below the five speakers set in a row along the shelf was a small black box with lighted “buttons” visible through the dark plastic case. I touched the “+” symbol and the volume began increasing (and as it did, my eyes began opening wider and wider): the sound was AMAZING!

They are Sony’s newest (I believe “newest” ) – available February 27, 2008 according to the web site…and they have just been listed on my “gotta’ have” list!

Oh, why the “Watch out, Bose!”? Well, among the features Bose offers in its $1,000.00 plus systems is a technology Bose calls “ADAPTIQ(R)” which digitally adjusts (adapts) the sound spread within the space of the room to the listener’s position. Effectively placing the listener in the sweet spot of the sound. WELL! This little Sony system offers a “Digital Cinema Auto Calibration-2” system that does what appears to be very similar adjusing and the retail price I see avertised is $799.99!  That’s significantly less than Bose’s price.

No, I don’t work for Sony. No, I don’t have any Sony stock and I have nothing against Bose (just can’t really justify the price). I have always enjoyed listening to music and I appreciate speakers systems that provide “real” good sound.

Oh! Did I mention that it has a connection for my iPod, too?

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