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Xobni ! Hot *NEW* Outlook Add-in

WOW! (How’s THAT for attention getting?) I have just reviewed a product from a posting on Gartner and it’s got tremendous potential (IF it performs as demonstrated once installed on my machine!).


It’s called Xobni…(pronounce that again, please) and it’s an Outlook add-on of sorts that provides some pretty slick social-net-like capabilities; cross references your contacts and their contacts and THEIR contacts (ad infinitum?); charts frequency (and time of day) of emails among you and your contacts; even RANKS your contacts based upon who sends you the most! It has a wicked-fast search and displays threads of messages from the individual contact display. It’s a sidebar in Outlook and I am anxious to give it a try! I have extensive email among my Ed.D student cadre, my coworkers, and friends and I want to REALLY work this puppy to see how well it hunts!


For now, however, I will say only that the demo on the site (http://www.xobni.com/friends/x70zODcs) shows a product that is pretty damn impressive!


It’s in beta and you’d better be quick if you want to see it … Nick Gall of Gartner says “In this extremely fast-moving market, Xobni could be acquired by Microsoft before it’s even out of beta testing.”  – April 18, 2008.

April 28, 2008 - Posted by | Education-related, gadgets, Technology

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