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Bee nice to your brain, honey

It’s been awhile since I published…there hasn’t been much happening worth publishing UNTIL NOW!

Found in the most recent issue of Forbes ( August 11, 2008 ) an excellent spread about “Creative Disruption” introduces, as a side bar, Brainhoney, a social network created by Agilix Labs……and states that it is “a model for how online education might evolve on the (collaborative) user-generated Web”. Are you an expert about something? How about just an advanced stage of knowledgeable regarding a particular _____ (fill in the blank). If so, you create a slide-like presentation about it, add text and photos, insert some video clips, and set it loose (publish it on brainhoney.com) for the world to observe and (hopefully) LEARN about it.



Where it gets REALLY interesting is the economic aspect brainhoney plans to implement. At some point, there will be fees associated with the content. Presumably, people will pay to learn from other people (hmmm, we graduate students do that already, don’t we!!) and the revenue will be shared between the site owners and the content provider. Interesting concept. One must wonder however with other video sharing sites that DO NOT charge for viewing content, what will differentiate brainhoney from the sticky others?



Well, while it’s free for now, let’s be sure to explore it and watch (or participate) as it evolves. They might just “bee” on to something! www.brainhoney.com



July 30, 2008 - Posted by | Education-related, Technology

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