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iPhone 3Gs & GREAT Navigation App!

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Absolutely the BEST $2.99 I have EVER spent! It’s amazing, current (files live in the clouds so content updates are real time), and very, very accurate. MotionX refers to the app as the “Next Generation In-Car and Pedestrian Navigation Solution” – “Pedestrian Navigation”, too! So, you’re walking around some relatively unfamiliar place (walking around some totally unfamiliar would be a bit dangerous now, wouldn’t it?) MotionX can provide directions to, well, ANY WHERE from where you are to where you want to go!

 Tap the app to start it (duh) and then tap the screen to accept the policies (read those on your own. Nothing to fret, just too much for this short article). Along the bottom of the app are buttons: Find, Go To, Maps, Compass, iPod, and a “gear” for settings. Press one and another menu is displayed.

Find offers buttons for finding: Addresses, Search, Address Book, Emergency Care, Movie Theaters, Parking, Restaurants, Browse Gas, and Coffee shops.

Go To offers buttons for: Home, Recently Found, Frequent Destinations, Favorites, Saved Destinations, Contacts (right! From your iPhone Contacts list), Addresses, Intersection, City Name, Zip Code, Points of Interest, Emergency, Lat/Lon, and My Current Location. Whew.

 Maps offers world view using Microsoft BING and based upon your GPS locations or desired destination. This is the one area with which I had most disappointment. Although the data is “real time” the map of my location, and its aerial view, displayed dirt lots of an undeveloped new homes construction area. I am writing this while sitting in my new home surrounded by other new homes in a new home community. Hmmm, the device can route me around road construction in real time but apparently it cannot provide “real time” aerial (satellite) images. In fact, Google Earth has an image, although still not “immediate”, it IS of the home and nearby homes. SO, gotta’ question BING Maps, and the timeliness of the data that it uses for generating maps.

 Compass is, well, a compass – that is set according to where you are at the moment. Also, if you have entered a destination, the compass will display the time remaining to the destination and the ETA!

 iPod is MotionX’s access point to the music you have on your iPhone so while you are doing whatever you’re doing, you can listen to your music library as well.

 All in all, I am pleased with my purchase! I’ll be using this app daily and will report back to update you regarding how useful it remains. Meantime, if you own a 3G or 3Gs, go to the iTunes App Store and get this app! It may be the best $2.99 you’ll ever spend!

 Sorry to say it is available for use only in the U.S. and Canada at the moment. However, I am confident that this will be global at some point. NICE!

October 7, 2009 - Posted by | iPhone, Technology

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