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OMG! It’s 2011! Where have YOU been?!

Oh, oh … I’ve been far too busy of late to engage in this frivolous drivel. (NOT SO! – the “drivel” part! 😉 ). Busy, yes!

Last post re: (m)iPhone 4 was in September, 2010. Yikes! Since then I have been fortunate to have been given an iPad. Yep, the biggie! And I’ve been loading both devices with apps ever since. Testing, exploring, determining “value” (use-full-ness”), and generally immersing myself in the technologies and opportunities they present! 

Best iPhone app I’ve purchased is Golfshot GPS. It is the best $30.00 (approx..) I’ve spent! If you golf (duff or semi-pro) you deserve to check this app out!

(m)iPad is another story: I’ve purchased a few apps and downloaded many freebies. Among the most useful are Prezi, inkling  (GREAT concept!), Pages, and TagReader. Of course there are more however, I blog in bursts not epistles!

Coming soon (I hope): being in the “Kno”!

Take care and keep up (with technology)!

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