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Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac – more like uneven bars!

OK, so I decided to add an iMac to the office and want to also run some of my Windows stuff (articulate, eh?). I conducted a bit of due diligence and decided to migrate the files using Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac product. I bought it @ BestBuy from an Agent who answered my question about “is USB cable included?” by saying “any USB cable will work.” Foolish me. I believed him.

I have Aloha Bob (an old migration product) and it included its own USB (there’s proprietary workings in there) AND I have PC Mover AND it includes its own USB cable. I should have known better!

But the story is about Parallels customer support: I registered the product and sought “Chat” support. I was greeted by an agent who was thorough and seemed to be willing to assist. I explained my dilemma and, ultimately, the agent told me to go buy the other package. There is apparently NO mechanism whereby Parallels can/will sell an existing customer the required USB cable nor will they accept an exchange. Of course there are two alternative methods for the file migration using the Parallels product: external storage (which I believe does not transfer the applications) and there is via network (which I started but stopped when the program indicated that I had 16 HOURS remaining for the migration).

BestBuy does not accept opened software: understandable. Parallels does not exchange – even in light of this situation: less understandable. And Parallels does not sell the USB cable separately: equally less desirable. Parallels could have had an evangelist in me if they would have provided some method other than “go purchase the other package that includes the USB cable.” Such a small price to pay for customer loyalty.

I don’t know yet whether VMware’s Fusion is any better than Parallels Desktop 7 but I bet VMware has better customer support and/or options beyond “go buy the other one.”

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