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Is there a DOCTOR (of educational technology) in the house?

GSEP Logo11 YES, there is! You may have noticed that I have been away for more than two years…I’ve been completing my doctoral work @ Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP). This past July, I successfully completed my Final Oral Examination (Dissertation Defense) and am now in the final stages of editing and publishing my manuscript. I AM an Ed.D. (Doctor of Education w/ emphasis in educational technology)!

My dissertation research studied Baby Boomers and digital technology: what do we do, what do we use while doing (it), and how frequently do we do (it). [THAT kind of thinking could get you into a lot of trouble!]…what I asked in my survey of nearly 700 Baby Boomers was: Do you _____ (some digital activity like looking up medical information or texting friends)?; If you do ____, what device(s) do you use (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone)?; And,How frequently (daily, weekly, semi-monthly)…and guess what I learned:

We Baby Boomers ARE digitally literate (to a point). We “do” a lot of “stuff” on the Internet and we use a lot of devices (my specific research population uses an average of THREE different devices when connecting, digitally, to the world (laptops, tablets, and smartphones).

What about you? What do you “do” via the Internet and/or with your digital device(s)?

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