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Windows 8: Ready? (or NOT!)

  OK, I realize that’s it’s “beta” – but c’mon, folks (@MS), wouldn’t a better beta be better? Sure, the Metro interface is pretty cool and the   legacy interface is familiar HOWEVER, the features that one expects to function – even in beta – that simply DO NOT are numerous and disappointing. Care for a (short) list? Continue reading

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Adobe Does It Again!

Adobe’s at it again (in a very positive sense!). I’ve just (minutes ago) signed up for and started “playing with” Adobe ConnectNow (beta) and Adobe Buzzword (beta). Let the reviews begin! Continue reading

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Adobe Connect Academic User’s Group

Exciting, interesting and oddly spooky… while researching (google-ing) installation problems between PowerPoint 2007 and Adobe’s Presenter (an add-in that enables ppt files to be used in broadcast/rebroadcast on Adobe Connect (formerly Marcromedia Breeze and competitor with WebEx), I discover Adobe Connect Academic User Group (ACAUG). This is SO new Continue reading

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