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Really?? It’s Been FOUR YEARS??!!

Time to get back to work! I’ve been spending time wasting time. Not very productive, is it? Actually, I’ve become quite proficient playing Angry Birds™ (and it’s various iterations). Talk about “time suck”. Whew. These games can become addictive. Lost in time, that’s what I was: lost in time.

Hey! I’m back and this time I think I’ll stay around and publish more frequently. Ha! Anything I publish next, in less that a four year span, will be “more frequently”!

So, how do I spend my post-graduate time, you ask? Other than house-husbanding, I facilitate two pro bono symposia regarding today’s technology at an age-restricted (55+) community. All of the people who live in this community are Senior Citizens or Baby Boomers and some are less technically literate than others. The meetings I convene address developing technology and gaps therein in differing fashions:

1) is in its seventh year and is a TechTalk that addresses today’s technologies as they relate specifically to us; and,

2) is a ninth year computer users class for non-computer users.

TechTalk meets every other Tuesday for an hour and one half; while Computers Made Easy meets for an hour or so the first three Thursdays of each month. The folks who attend seem to enjoy themselves. They participate and, together, we entertain and enlighten each other.

Oh, I’m available for consulting. Here’s a link to my consulting site and another link to my (occasional) blog site.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back – and sooner than four years: I promise!

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I do Windows (8 & RT) too!

  The day after it was released, I bought a Microsoft “Surface” and installed Windows 8 on my PC … I’ve been getting to know them a little bit better every day. The NEW Windows interface takes some time getting accustomed to and it challenges everything I thought I knew about Windows! It’s going to take some time learning to navigate in this new environment. I’ll write about my experiences as I progress. At the moment, I’d infatuated with it – so much so that I plan to add a Nokia 920 (Windows 8 phone) to the tools to use and compare with my iPhone, iPad & iMac. What fun!

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A Thermostat that LEARNS ?? !!

  No, I do NOT sell these nor do I own any of their stock (WISHES!!) … I just installed NEST and it’s learning how I like my temperatures day AND night! It does SO much more than a thermostat: Continue reading

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Microsoft Sells it (Today) and Will NOT Support its Installation (Errors)?!?!

Today, I clicked a link that brought me to Microsoft’s DreamSpark (“DreamSpark is simple: It’s about giving students Microsoft professional tools at no charge.”)

I am a student and wanted to try a few products. During my visit, I saw a link to “AutoCollage” and went there. It’s a nifty little tool that creates a collage from digital photos. I used it, liked it and wanted to produce some without the “Microsoft Research” watermark across the bottom of the collage. So, I decided to purchase the application, downloaded it and
attempted to install it. Four times on two different PCs! Continue reading

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Best Golf App Yet!

 It cost me $29.99 at the App Store and it rivals the $300-$400 devices some of my golf buddies carry. L O V E IT! If you golf, you really ought check this out! Better still, get one for Dad for Father’s Day. Check developer’s site: www.shotzoom.com I’ve used it for a few months now and it Is amazing. When I arrive at a course, I start the app. the first thing it does is checks the immediate area (using its GPS) and displays a list of “local” courses. I have five nearby and it hasn’t failed yet to display the course, accurately read yardage (bunkers, hazards, OB, water). It enables you to keep score AND, if you’re really hardcore techie-golfer, you can email the scores to the others in your foursome directly from the app. There’s more – I’ll get to it later. FORE!

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OMG! It’s 2011! Where have YOU been?!

Oh, oh … I’ve been far too busy of late to engage in this frivolous drivel. (NOT SO! – the “drivel” part! 😉 ). Busy, yes!

Last post re: (m)iPhone 4 was in September, 2010. Yikes! Since then I have been fortunate to have been given an iPad. Yep, the biggie! And I’ve been loading both devices with apps ever since. Testing, exploring, determining “value” (use-full-ness”), and generally immersing myself in the technologies and opportunities they present!  Continue reading

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(M)iPhone 4 IS HERE!

Delivered 6/24/10

I can hardly believe it! It looks VERY similar, feels VERY similar, and yet has SOOoooo VERY many new features. (One shocking discovery: while looking at the camera image, I accidently “pressed” the image in the upper left-hand corner of the display and, Continue reading

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Microsoft Tag© – WOW

I’m not usually impressed at first glance HOWEVER… inside the front cover of the May 25th issue of InformationWeek is an advert for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. That’s NOT the WOW: in the lower left corner of that advert is an odd-looking image of a square encasing numerous, colorful triangles. Below the image is text: “To get the full MSC story on your phone, snap a picture of this tag. (Requires a free mobile app from http://gettag.mobi). My curiosity up, I went to the site, downloaded the iPhone version, installed it, started the app, and hovered the iPhone over the tag for a second or two – and then BAM! My iPhone screen displayed a “white paper” complete with images. Continue reading

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Xobni ! Hot *NEW* Outlook Add-in

WOW! (How’s THAT for attention getting?) I have just reviewed a product from a posting on Gartner and it’s got tremendous potential (IF it performs as demonstrated once installed on my machine!).


It’s called Xobni… Continue reading

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Sony Sound (Watch out, Bose!)

sony-handheld.jpg  My wife and I were walking through the mall recently and stopped in a Sharper Image store. Looking around at all the “toys”, I spied the smallest speakers I have ever seen: they were nearly one inch square on the face and cone-like in the back.

Continue reading

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