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What do you use to connect to the Internet and/or friends?

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I do Windows (8 & RT) too!

  The day after it was released, I bought a Microsoft “Surface” and installed Windows 8 on my PC … I’ve been getting to know them a little bit better every day. The NEW Windows interface takes some time getting accustomed to and it challenges everything I thought I knew about Windows! It’s going to take some time learning to navigate in this new environment. I’ll write about my experiences as I progress. At the moment, I’d infatuated with it – so much so that I plan to add a Nokia 920 (Windows 8 phone) to the tools to use and compare with my iPhone, iPad & iMac. What fun!

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Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac – more like uneven bars!

OK, so I decided to add an iMac to the office and want to also run some of my Windows stuff (articulate, eh?). I conducted a bit of due diligence and decided to migrate the files using Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac product. I bought it @ BestBuy from an Agent who answered my question about “is USB cable included?” by saying “any USB cable will work.” Foolish me. I believed him. Continue reading

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Windows 8: Ready? (or NOT!)

  OK, I realize that’s it’s “beta” – but c’mon, folks (@MS), wouldn’t a better beta be better? Sure, the Metro interface is pretty cool and the   legacy interface is familiar HOWEVER, the features that one expects to function – even in beta – that simply DO NOT are numerous and disappointing. Care for a (short) list? Continue reading

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Microsoft Sells it (Today) and Will NOT Support its Installation (Errors)?!?!

Today, I clicked a link that brought me to Microsoft’s DreamSpark (“DreamSpark is simple: It’s about giving students Microsoft professional tools at no charge.”)

I am a student and wanted to try a few products. During my visit, I saw a link to “AutoCollage” and went there. It’s a nifty little tool that creates a collage from digital photos. I used it, liked it and wanted to produce some without the “Microsoft Research” watermark across the bottom of the collage. So, I decided to purchase the application, downloaded it and
attempted to install it. Four times on two different PCs! Continue reading

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OMG! It’s 2011! Where have YOU been?!

Oh, oh … I’ve been far too busy of late to engage in this frivolous drivel. (NOT SO! – the “drivel” part! 😉 ). Busy, yes!

Last post re: (m)iPhone 4 was in September, 2010. Yikes! Since then I have been fortunate to have been given an iPad. Yep, the biggie! And I’ve been loading both devices with apps ever since. Testing, exploring, determining “value” (use-full-ness”), and generally immersing myself in the technologies and opportunities they present!  Continue reading

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“See it. Snap it. Save it or share it!”

Microsoft TagMy newest interest is Microsoft “Tag”.

I experienced it in a magazine ad. There was a small-ish graphic in the corner of the ad (which was NOT a Microsoft ad!) and instructions to download the “tag reader” and then to use the tag reader within the phone’s camera to access additional information about the ad, the company and more. Continue reading

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