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Time Has Come Today

Chambers Brothers – 1967. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHfB63ln1Ig] Just seems relevant to this post! 1967 was a great year: I graduated from Brother Rice High School and enlisted in the Air Force. Continue reading

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Just for grins…

Doubtlessly the bird with the best sense of rhythm on the planet!



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Back in the saddle…

OK, so Cadre Xiii has met in Beantown and now we’re onto semester finals (papers). While I have some time on my hands, I’ll continue with the saga of the upgrade which Sean, so aptly noted, “…upgrade, upgrade hardware, upgrade, upgrades nearly impossible so shop for a new computer, repeat.” And, to his point, I have added to my Christmas list an Apple iMac: 24″ 2.8 Mhz w/ Leopard and iLife already installed. Easiest way to “upgrade” is to buy the new machine. The one I am (was) upgrading is a five year old G4. hmmm, perhaps a “barely used” computer sale in the near future. Any interest?

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Time Out!

Just a quick note to inform that I’ll be away from this blog for a few days (maybe and maybe not). The Cadre’s meeting in HA-VAhrd and MIT this week. I am uncertain how much time I’ll have to devote to this Mac/interface thread. HOWEVER… since I will be in one of THE hottest *new* technology developments areas of the WORLD, who knows what I will find to write about!!? 

Be back soon!

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