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Windows 8: Ready? (or NOT!)

  OK, I realize that’s it’s “beta” – but c’mon, folks (@MS), wouldn’t a better beta be better? Sure, the Metro interface is pretty cool and the   legacy interface is familiar HOWEVER, the features that one expects to function – even in beta – that simply DO NOT are numerous and disappointing. Care for a (short) list? Continue reading

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BMW Electro-NOT!

OK, I intended to wait for notification from BMW to secure a position on their list of Active-E driver hopefuls. I’ve been “walking” (no vehicle) since mid-December and I’ve walked enough already! Gotta’ get my ride on!

 So, it’s the not-so-Mini Countryman 4 door. Nice ride! And, while we’re at it, we added the Mini Connected technology package. “What’s that?”, you ask. It’s complicated to explain, so here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zvp7D5KGtE

Sorry Active-E. Patience is not one of my virtues.

We’ll be learning the Mini Connected nuances and writing about them here from time to time so c’mon back, y’all!

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Me? A BMW Electronaut?!

Just might happen! BMW is releasing 700 all-electric, all-BMW vehicles (ActiveE) for two-year “field tests” – I want to be one of the lucky field testing electronauts! IF that does occur, you can read about it here or on my web site (www.richardokeeffe.com) or friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter as I CHARGE around Northern California passing every gas station along the way with a grin from ear to ear! Will it happen? Will I make it to the team? I’ll keep you informed! Wish me luck!!

oh, and drive safe!

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Literacy WAS ‘3 “R”s. Now Literacy Includes Digital Literacy: T, S, & P

Long ago, educational standards led to teaching/learning the most basic literacies including reading, w(r)iting and a(r)ithemic. Today, I believe basic literacy skills must include Tap, Swipe and Pinch: gestures required for using a smartphone, iPhone or iPad or similar device.

Actually, I believe the basic literacies requirements should include basic computer skills, browser use capabilities, and internet navigation. Am I right?

Generational educational experiences varied, not so much as they do today, in the digital age. Discovery is a few taps or clicks away. Collaboration, an on-line text dialog, Skype-like conversation or telecommunication video conference have become the primary digital methods of interaction among the masses. Or, is it less than the masses? Is it becoming the most frequent form of communication when we’re not face-to-face.

(Hmmm, I wonder when we’ll be face-to-face and communicate via digital device rather than words? Perhaps when communicating in languages other than our native?!)

Returning to point: is there a digital literacy standard and, if there is, what percentage of baby-boomers meet it?


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Microsoft Sells it (Today) and Will NOT Support its Installation (Errors)?!?!

Today, I clicked a link that brought me to Microsoft’s DreamSpark (“DreamSpark is simple: It’s about giving students Microsoft professional tools at no charge.”)

I am a student and wanted to try a few products. During my visit, I saw a link to “AutoCollage” and went there. It’s a nifty little tool that creates a collage from digital photos. I used it, liked it and wanted to produce some without the “Microsoft Research” watermark across the bottom of the collage. So, I decided to purchase the application, downloaded it and
attempted to install it. Four times on two different PCs! Continue reading

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Time Has Come Today

Chambers Brothers – 1967. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHfB63ln1Ig] Just seems relevant to this post! 1967 was a great year: I graduated from Brother Rice High School and enlisted in the Air Force. Continue reading

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Best Golf App Yet!

 It cost me $29.99 at the App Store and it rivals the $300-$400 devices some of my golf buddies carry. L O V E IT! If you golf, you really ought check this out! Better still, get one for Dad for Father’s Day. Check developer’s site: www.shotzoom.com I’ve used it for a few months now and it Is amazing. When I arrive at a course, I start the app. the first thing it does is checks the immediate area (using its GPS) and displays a list of “local” courses. I have five nearby and it hasn’t failed yet to display the course, accurately read yardage (bunkers, hazards, OB, water). It enables you to keep score AND, if you’re really hardcore techie-golfer, you can email the scores to the others in your foursome directly from the app. There’s more – I’ll get to it later. FORE!

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OMG! It’s 2011! Where have YOU been?!

Oh, oh … I’ve been far too busy of late to engage in this frivolous drivel. (NOT SO! – the “drivel” part! 😉 ). Busy, yes!

Last post re: (m)iPhone 4 was in September, 2010. Yikes! Since then I have been fortunate to have been given an iPad. Yep, the biggie! And I’ve been loading both devices with apps ever since. Testing, exploring, determining “value” (use-full-ness”), and generally immersing myself in the technologies and opportunities they present!  Continue reading

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Full Circle … well, 359 degrees …

Back in July, ’08, I wrote about a potential “Google killer” app called “CUIL” (pronnounced “cool”). I said “the jury is still out” and apparently I was correct.


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(M)iPhone 4 IS HERE!

Delivered 6/24/10

I can hardly believe it! It looks VERY similar, feels VERY similar, and yet has SOOoooo VERY many new features. (One shocking discovery: while looking at the camera image, I accidently “pressed” the image in the upper left-hand corner of the display and, Continue reading

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