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Away but NOT forgotten!

Holy Smokes! It’s been far too long since I posted. Explaination? I have! I was completing the final term of academics toward my doctorate AND, immediately following that, comprehensive exams (passed!). OK to exhale now (me, that is). Must return to regular posting and topics are plenty!

Remember Carly Simon’s most popular (marketing leveraged) song? It’s about the S L O O O W W pour of catsup (ketchcup?) ?… Continue reading

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iPhone 3Gs & GREAT Navigation App!

motionX logo

Absolutely the BEST $2.99 I have EVER spent! It’s amazing, current (files live in the clouds so content updates are real time), and very, very accurate. MotionX refers to the app as the “Next Generation In-Car and Pedestrian Navigation Solution” – “Pedestrian Navigation”, too! So, you’re walking around some relatively unfamiliar place (walking around some totally unfamiliar would be a bit dangerous now, wouldn’t it?) MotionX can provide directions to, well, ANY WHERE from where you are to where you want to go! Continue reading

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“See it. Snap it. Save it or share it!”

Microsoft TagMy newest interest is Microsoft “Tag”.

I experienced it in a magazine ad. There was a small-ish graphic in the corner of the ad (which was NOT a Microsoft ad!) and instructions to download the “tag reader” and then to use the tag reader within the phone’s camera to access additional information about the ad, the company and more. Continue reading

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iPhone 3GS “adapter” OWLE (WOW!)

Andy Carvin mentioned it @ facebook and I found a video @ stumbleupon (link below) THIS IS ONE SWEET DEVICE for our iPhones!















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iPhone 3GS

ATT does it again [NOT]. Existing customer “fully eligible” for upgrade per ATT Customer Service rep (611). Upgrade fee? The SAME amount a NEW customer will be charged. So much for customer loyalty! Some benefit. Like the (Apple) product; dislike the (ATT) arrogance.

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Microsoft Tag© – WOW

I’m not usually impressed at first glance HOWEVER… inside the front cover of the May 25th issue of InformationWeek is an advert for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. That’s NOT the WOW: in the lower left corner of that advert is an odd-looking image of a square encasing numerous, colorful triangles. Below the image is text: “To get the full MSC story on your phone, snap a picture of this tag. (Requires a free mobile app from http://gettag.mobi). My curiosity up, I went to the site, downloaded the iPhone version, installed it, started the app, and hovered the iPhone over the tag for a second or two – and then BAM! My iPhone screen displayed a “white paper” complete with images. Continue reading

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Hmmm, post from iPhone

Just a quick test posting from my iPhone. Nice feature I need to use more frequently!

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Google Chrome

Jurys still out...
Jury’s still out…

In an ever-challenging role and at a break-neck pace, our researacher(s) continue to test the newest and Google has fired a shot across the bow of the good ship Microsoft in what is likely to become a battle of epic portions… Continue reading

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Ain’t that “cuil”!

You may have already read about (or even visited) http://www.cuil.com. (Pronounced “cool”) It is quoted as claiming to become a google killer. REALLY! It’s founded by a husband-wife, software engineers, team who worked for google. Continue reading

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Bee nice to your brain, honey

It’s been awhile since I published…there hasn’t been much happening worth publishing UNTIL NOW!

Found in the most recent issue of Forbes ( August 11, 2008 ) an excellent spread about “Creative Disruption” introduces, as a side bar, Brainhoney, a social network created by Agilix Labs… Continue reading

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