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Literacy WAS ‘3 “R”s. Now Literacy Includes Digital Literacy: T, S, & P

Long ago, educational standards led to teaching/learning the most basic literacies including reading, w(r)iting and a(r)ithemic. Today, I believe basic literacy skills must include Tap, Swipe and Pinch: gestures required for using a smartphone, iPhone or iPad or similar device.

Actually, I believe the basic literacies requirements should include basic computer skills, browser use capabilities, and internet navigation. Am I right?

Generational educational experiences varied, not so much as they do today, in the digital age. Discovery is a few taps or clicks away. Collaboration, an on-line text dialog, Skype-like conversation or telecommunication video conference have become the primary digital methods of interaction among the masses. Or, is it less than the masses? Is it becoming the most frequent form of communication when we’re not face-to-face.

(Hmmm, I wonder when we’ll be face-to-face and communicate via digital device rather than words? Perhaps when communicating in languages other than our native?!)

Returning to point: is there a digital literacy standard and, if there is, what percentage of baby-boomers meet it?


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OMG! It’s 2011! Where have YOU been?!

Oh, oh … I’ve been far too busy of late to engage in this frivolous drivel. (NOT SO! – the “drivel” part! 😉 ). Busy, yes!

Last post re: (m)iPhone 4 was in September, 2010. Yikes! Since then I have been fortunate to have been given an iPad. Yep, the biggie! And I’ve been loading both devices with apps ever since. Testing, exploring, determining “value” (use-full-ness”), and generally immersing myself in the technologies and opportunities they present!  Continue reading

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