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Windows 8: Ready? (or NOT!)

  OK, I realize that’s it’s “beta” – but c’mon, folks (@MS), wouldn’t a better beta be better? Sure, the Metro interface is pretty cool and the   legacy interface is familiar HOWEVER, the features that one expects to function – even in beta – that simply DO NOT are numerous and disappointing. Care for a (short) list?

Windows 8 does not:
• Restart nor Shutdown (Menu, Power, Sleep, Shut Down, Restart);
• Launch iTunes;
• Download Apple updates (Quicktime, Safari, iTunes);
• Open Acrobat Reader;
• Close TaskManager.

I promised a short list and there it is. I’ll continue experimenting with it and post my findings here. Questions? Drop me a note @ richard.okeeffe@pepperdine.edu.

March 14, 2012 - Posted by | Adobe, Education-related, Microsoft, Technology

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